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Business Team

Welcome to our corporate friends, thanks for visiting the official BENCH DRESS web site. Many people are curious about the BENCH DRESS and what it is. BENCH DRESS is a product that WILL save your company annually. BENCH DRESS will protect your customers, but how? This product is a towel that fits snuggly and securely to most standard benches. It DOES NOT fall off the bench while your clients are working out which means there are not countless towel repositions and picking the towel up off the floor, YUK!! This product decreases the need to wipe down the equipment in between sets because the skin does not come into contact with the equipment in essence creating a barrier. In addition, the BENCH DRESS IS ECO-FRIENDLY and NON-CHLORINE BLEACH SAFE. Lastly, there is a nifty side pocket that holds keys or cell phones so these items are not regulated to floor storage as well.

Hopefully, we were able to clear up any questions you might have so simply contact us at  and one of our sales associates will be in touch with you. For an added bonus to our corporate friends we will be more than happy to e-mail a presentation WITH your corporate logo!

Thanks for taking the time to visit us and we look forward to hearing from you again welcome to the world of BENCH DRESS.


1-855-BENCH4U (236-2448)

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